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Medium Light Plants

Pigmy Date Palm

Palms are woody monocots native to the tropics. There are many palms which make good indoor plants. Many get large quickly and require frequent repotting but others grow more slowly. Some have single trunks and others have multiple trunks. Palmately and pinnately compound leaves are both common. Since most palm trees grow in the shade of tropical forests until they get tall enough to reach the direct rays of the sun, they tolerate relatively low indoor light for many years. Palms may be monoecious or dioecious. Female plants are required for fruits on those that have showy fruits. Many palms become large with age and outgrow their location but make attractive, manageable house plants for several years. Edible palms produce coconut, dates and palm oil and they have numerous uses in and around the home and market in the tropics. It has pinnately compound leaves on a straight, attractive trunk.