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"Interior Plant Design Specialists"

Interior Plant Design    Guaranteed Maintenance  

PO Box 740
Townsend, MA 01469


Member of the North Central Mass Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Making you look good

More important than just the best buy in interior landscaping, we're a growing success story because we make our clients look good. Every day. Our work with interior plants - from design to quality appearance all the time - has made us a standout in our industry.

What It Takes

What's it take to be recognized as the best in your field? It starts with outstanding people. Ours are the best, and the best trained. Our acclimatized plants are grown for us at several specialized nurseries in the U.S. and abroad. To showcase the plants - and access your space - we use containers in many styles, finishes and colors.

Your Pick

How can we improve what you're doing now?

  • If imaginative design can help, our talented designers can show you new possibilities.
  • Where you need better quality appearance, we will explain how we deliver it.
  • When cost control is essential, we can simplify and focus the presentation - which can cut costs dramatically.


What's the best way to handle problems that can occur with living plants? Our horticulturist never stop learning new ways to solve old and new problems. As professionals, we bring in-depth know-how to every situation. The result? A minimum of headaches and problems. Consistently good appearance - all based on a reputation for quality and pride in our performance.

Our Specialties

  • Interior Planting design, installation and ongoing care
  • Colorful, flowering plant programs
  • Holiday decorating
  • Flooring arrangements
  • Special event plant rentals

Our interior planting enhance the appearance of building lobbies, offices and a wide range of other interiors.

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